Aquilan Imperium is continuation of the once great Elvari Imperium in the east with it's capital being the great City of Aquilis


Although founded by the great Emperor Aquiles and the Empress Karmen, the Aquilan people hail from many races, cultures and religions.

After their world was destroyed in the final battle against the enslaving alien race that governed them for millions of years, Aquiles settled the planet with the remaining survivors. In this "promised land", harmony with nature and all living things was predominant. Spirituality and elevated consciousness was revered as the one true purpose of existence.

Rise of Aquilar

Third Century


In the Aquilan state, the emperor was the sole and absolute ruler, and his power was regarded as having divine origin. The empress was of ancient royal lineage. The High Court had ceased to have real political and legislative authority but remained as an honorary council with titular members.