Rhigan Conquests-0

Crown of Rhigan is an composite monarchy, 2 kingdoms sharing one king, the Kingdom of Rhiganov and Kingdom of Ferania. Crown of Rhigan controls most of the rhevanean basin.


Kingdom of Telmar

First Century

At the end of first century the kingdom of Rhiganov saw rise when one of expelled nobles by name of Rhigan, arrived to rhevania from former kingdom of Montener now formally province of Antargas within the Elvari Imperium, started giving rise to technological advancement to local primitive rhevanean people gaining the vacant throne of rhevanean people in process and starting the line of Rhigan, with 3 sons, Adire, Feranus and Revan who would later create their own kingdoms

Second Century

Rhigan's Sons saw to expand the Borders of Rhiganov trough conquest of the primitives Rhevaneans. Oldest son remaining to secure the Rhiganov and fighting against Goths to the west while other brothers went fighting the people of River of Netir and the Tarmals, although the campaign was succeful Feranus and Rhevan never conquered the land in name of Kingdom of Rhiganov, instead created their own kingdoms, Ferania and Rhevan Respectively causing conflicts with Adire Rhigan for land they acquired in name of Rhiganov, Ferania lost most of it's southern lands to the Rhiganov before Rhevanese stepped in to stop King Adire.

Third Century

In 260 Following the fall of Caladen and Netir people to the imperium the Royal marriage of Rhigan took place between Kingdom of Ferania's Queen to the King of Rhiganov, Causing an Crown of Rhigan to be born, an personal union of two kingdoms giving strengthening both realms to be suitable advisary to encroaching Imperium along with their ally of Seran

Fourth Century

As one of last remaining Human realms outside Elvari imperium inside thalia along with seran, endured constant threat of the imperium trough out Age of Elvar causing the ever fearful Kingdoms to work together to bring fall to Elvars