Principality of Netien is one of new emerging nations from the Elvari wars from the Tiran coastlands with people engulfed of thought of the eternal fires of infernal plane

Principality of Netien is Nation Ruled by infamous Princes of Fire


Kingdom of Telmar

Fourth Century

As one of more loyal Human Territories of Elvari Imperium the people of Tiran coastlands enjoyed more freedom within affairs of the empire as the first human entered into title of Principes of Netila, Jorife Netivi, after the fall of the empire Tiran Coastlands aswell as countless other human territories were freed from the grasp of Elvari Imperium during the Elvari wars, the Netivis Remained in power in the region in most part excluding the eastern province of Netila, Gervame which had it's share of fighting against the Elven Empires crowned its own King following the End of Elvari Wars

Fifth Century

Starting the Fourth Century destruction and Chaos struck the Kingdom of Netien as the Dragons Ravaged the land, charring the fertile plains drastically in process giving birth to new religion Worshiping dragons and Fire, starting the series of Everlasting Conquests against Infidel Netilans and Goths


Netien is governed by a Prince of Fire. Netien has been ruled by the Netivi family since the last elvar emperor granted title of Principes to Jorife Netivi during the last days of glory of elvari imperium.