Telmar Empire is located at the central plains of thalia, Telmar Empire Arose to power In middle 5th century trough actions of King Nikolaus' Attempt to unite the Telmarean Tribes under single nation. His Military Prowess against other tribes have started tribes rever him as an god because of his military prowess


Kingdom of Telmar

Fourth Century

The first time Tarmal tribes united under one banner was at the time of Elvari Wars to fight the elves to free brethren humans from their oppression They were led by the High chiefs who would become the first Kings of Tarmal by the end of war, High Chiefs of Tribes of Verrianis, Arlawad and Rhivanov from which the High chief of Verrianis went to create Kingdom of Telmar, Arlawad Kingdom of Leyves and Rhivanov created the Kingdom of Rhevan.

at the end of fourth century, Kingdoms in plains of tarmal reached the state of Early Feudalism

Fifth Century

King Gerdibad Launched series of Conquests into the Rhevania and Antora at 450s with his both sons leading armies into these territories, Nikolaus into Antor, Demetra into Rhevan, the two brothers successfully won every battle they fought at foreign soil while back at the capital of Kingdom, Verareich their father was assassinated by orders of Antoran King causing an end to the conquests but not before taking large portions of these two realms, the former capital of Antora, Antor named by telmareans, Telmar became the capital of Imperialistic Kingdom of Telmar