This is a small list of ancient Thavantine cities, including colonies outside Thavan proper. Note that there were a great many thavantine cities in the ancient world. In this list, a city is defined as a single population center. These were often referred to as poleis in the ancient world, although the list is not limited to "proper" poleis. Also excluded from the list are larger units, such as kingdoms or empires.

Name Location League
Thaman Thaurgos Thaurgan League
Amaranth Thaurgos

Thaurgan League

Kormina Thaurgos Thaurgan League
Asariel Sybar Coast Thaurgan League
Soloncae Sea of Thinos Thinan League
Tyliss Thinos Thinan League
Camybo Thinos Thinan League
Dricea Coast of Gadriatic Thinan League